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BFine Token - BRI Introduction

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BRI Token Network

BRI Token is issued based on the Ethereum network; supports the operation of the entire BFine ecosystem and offers the most efficient method for investing in a diversified real estate portfolio. BRI combines the best of 3 worlds in a revolutionary approach to automate real estate asset management on the blockchain.

Token Network
Token Allocation

Token Allocation

  • Token: BFine RealEstate Investing
  • Symbol: BRI
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Total supply: 800M

Token Public Sale Distribution

Round 1
Round 1
Round 1
Round 1

One Token to Unite Them All

BRI is the token of choice for transactions and a multitude of functions, serving as the medium of exchange and the utility coin that powers the BFine ecosystem.

24/7 trading
Partial asset ownership
Early access to token sales
Programmable whitelist (who can buy and sell)
Membership within the BFine ecosystem
Access to global liquidity
Trading fees
Exclusive discounts

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